Emre Aluminum Inc. after long period of getting experienced about aluminum extrusion production and long term of development, the company had opened new field with Aluminum Outdoor Systems. with the brand of HUUN which has been always been able to source of innovative, reformer and sustainable solutions. As HUUN, we are taking firm steps to become leading brand of Aluminum Outdoor Systems.

With profesional management team, experienced and well equiped marketin department, effective CRM (Customer Relations Management) policy, HUUN constantly expands it’s customer portfolio. At HUUN, the priority is customer satisfaction

HUUN proves it’s quality with various certifications and customer satisfaction either for Project exacuters or end users. With the worlwide sales network, HUUN answers all inquiries all around the World.

The top management of our company; has built policy of the company and published purpose of our company, work ethical values of our employees, considering expectations of beneficiaries and customers with the approval of Board of Management.

 Our Quaility Policy;  contains commitment to be compatable and improving with the conditions of Quality Management System. In addition to this, Our Quality Policy generally takes under considiration and reviews fitness of goals when setting a quality level

 Our Goal; to creat difference in the aluminum sector and to be the company that is always trusted and considered one of the Leader brands by our existing and potention customers.

Our Mission; to provide our employees an honest and helpful working environment, where every employee individually and collectively can dedicate themselves to provide our customers extraordinary service and Professional integrity.

Our Vision; to aim to help people enjoy their life. To reach this goal we offer affordable solutions to our customers to make their life better.

In our production facility; CAD-CAM supported model design, production and revision of the molds belonging to models on CNC machines, castin of aluminum by injection molding machines, electrostatic powder painting of either parts or profiles in aoutomatic conveyor ovens, production of thermal profiles, process of parts with CNC machines are performed.

Our company which gives great importance to Research and Development continues to provide creative solutions and glass system and shading with the princeple of continuous innovation. Furthermore, our Professional Project team provides 2D and 3D visualization before the implement of architectural Project.

Our company gives it’s best effort to reach international and national quality standart which will let us obtaining ISO-9001 certificate with its customer-oriented quality concept. In addition, quality of our systems is approved by PfB (Prüfzentrum für Bauelemente) test laboratory which is accepted and trusted worlwide.

Emre Aluminum Inc. Aluminum Profiles, which are produced at international standards in modern and technologically integrated production facilities in 15.000 m2 area, offer modern retractable glass systems, ceiling, winter garden and awning systems under the brand name of HUUN at home and abroad.

Emre Aluminyum AS operates in 45 countries in Europe, Africa, America, Australia, Asia and South America with its distributor sales channels and project solution oriented approach. Emre Aluminyum A.Ş., which provides the highest level of customer satisfaction with its professional management team, experienced marketing unit and effective customer relations policy, expands its customer portfolio.