Huun Climatic

Huun Climatic

Huun // Climatic:

Huun // Climatic is a remotely adjustable sun shading system. It allows the air flow through rotating aluminum blades and thus helps to control the temperature under the application area by preventing the accumulation of heat. Huun // Climatic will help you enjoy terrace or garden even if it is too hot or sunny outside. 


Illumination can be a problem in some places, especially during winter. When compared to standard pergola systems, with the help of its rotational blades, Huun // Climatic also has additional benefits in terms of illumination. The system can let daylight in and create naturally illuminated living places. 


Huun // Climatic is a modular, modern and convenient solution that will transform your outdoor living places into more comfortable, versatile and visually appealing versions of themselves while appreciating the value of your property.

Outdoor living between all seasons ...

HUUN has combined with great practicality with design and understanding of superior technical solutions, creating an elegant blend of functionality and style. The system is powered by a tubular motor placed inside a reinforced octagonal tube. To transfer motor movement, two gears placed on the octagonal tube on both sides and the other two gears are connected to the first blade. To run synchronous operation, these two different gears are connected to each other by special chains. Thus, we can turn the system on and off with this mechanism. System knives and blade size 17 cm are designed as the highest resistance to weather conditions. At the top of the blades, the elegant extension profile instead of to hide on the groove. This gives extra strength to the groove and minimizes the deflection between the two legs.

Advantages of Climatic System

With extension profiles The length of the groove piece reaches 27.3 cm.

13X13 cm Box profiles use the corner legs and the middle part if you use multiple systems integrated in the 22X14 cm legs. Water drainage is guaranteed by a well-designed water flow plan.

The maximum size of the single module is 450X600 cm and the blades can be opened up to 90 degrees and it is possible to choose the open direction depending on the amount of light or shade according to the wishes it is in.

When the system is completely closed, HUUN // The climate is water-resistant and the water is discharged with integrated gutters and the column acts as drainage pipes.

The system operates with a 2.5 RPM tubular motor and takes 9 seconds to fully open. When the system is fully open, the overall height exceeds only 2 cm remains visible on the outside.

The need for one or two synchronous motors calculated by HUUN, depending on the size of the system. Standards of a motor 3.5 m wide and 4 m projection is possible. After this size, we offer two synchronized motors to balance the service system.